TV Club: Minority Report report: leads still boring, future still fancy

Here’s the good news: The second episode of Minority Report doesn’t try to cram a film’s-worth of impact into 40-odd minutes. The bad news? When it’s not trying to do too much, it doesn’t do much of anything.

It isn’t for lack of effort. In “Mr. Nice Guy,” Meagan Good and Stark Sands continue to roll a boulder uphill, trying without much success to make Minority Report into the smart hybrid of procedural and sci-fi it seems to want to be. They stare meditatively. They walk with purpose. Occasionally, they smile. But what they’re really there to do is usher us from plot point to plot point, and react to things. They’re reacting so, so hard. Perhaps that might be enough if either the plot or the reactions were interesting.

The primary duo—our Rizzoli and Isles, our Bones and Booth, our …

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