TV Club: Mindy gives birth and continues her season-four streak

By focusing on Mindy’s labor and delivery, The Mindy Project just offered one of the most welcome broadcast births in what has been a television staple since the days of I Love Lucy. The show grabbed an inspired opportunity to poke fun at the alpha and omegas of childbirth: from the home birth to the C-section (somewhere in the middle lies an epidural).

If any of this seems far-fetched, trust me, it’s not, from the Paleo birthing technique all the way to the deluxe “child-removal service.” Every pregnant person has (unsurprisingly) a very strong idea about her own birth plan, even if the dad in question shrugs and wonders what a birth plan is. But by taking both to the extreme, The Mindy Project again offers a spot-on, hilarious send-up of the elaborate takes on what should be the most natural thing in the world.

(Forgive me an …

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