TV Club: Mickey and Gus play house on a Love that gets to the heart of the series

Few episodes of Love have worked as well to illustrates the show’s central conceit as “Housesitting.” The romanticized idea of the wild girl getting together with the sweet, staid guy is entirely picked apart in this episode, which was started in full force in “Marty Dobbs.” But instead of ending with a sweet bonding moment of the couple flipping off airplanes, “Housesitting” ends with bitter reality. The first season dealt with how that reality pervaded the courting process, while the second season has, appropriately enough, looked at that bitter reality after the happily ever after kiss. At this point, I can confidently deduce that I enjoy the latter exploration to the former. The stakes are higher, deeper than they were before. I have seen how Gus and Mickey can be successful, how they can work, and I’m more invested in the outcome, even that outcome should be that …

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