TV Club: Mickey and Gus go on an adventure in Love’s second episode

In a way, I wish that “It Begins” and “One Long Day” were actually one episode rather than two separate entities because it makes both leads, neither of whom are traditional rom-com staples, that much more palatable. A lot has been made about how Love is a show that is designed to be binged and “One Long Day” coupled with “It Begins” is an excellent case for how the two episodes are viewed better together than as on their own. This episode is not just about getting to Mickey and Gus together and seeing why they could potentially work as a couple, but also about getting to know them as characters. It helps that the episode is structured as a (low stakes) journey. They go to multiple places and have multiple mini-adventures so it seems like they’re doing a lot more together than they are. Mickey and Gus were …

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