TV Club: Mickey and Gus are terrible friends in a middling Love

As someone who found the romantic comedy ending of Love’s inaugural season disingenuous, I was pleased to see the how this year’s premiere wrecked the happiness of that moment. But if that first episode back was about Mickey convincing Gus that they can’t be in a relationship, the second is the show’s attempt to convincing us viewers that we should want to see them together. So, it splits them apart and the result is, well, not as fun.

While Love seemingly began as an exploration of a good guy-reckless girl paradigm, it slowly became clear that both members of its central couple are genuinely terrible to the people around them. They are arguably well-meaning, but they are also selfish, unrepentant assholes. “Friends Night Out” drills down on this, insisting that Mickey and Gus are perfect for one another because they are horrible to everyone else.

After …

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