TV Club: Memories become a trap on a fleet and bracing Legion

If Melanie is hiding her true intentions, she’s doing a damn good job of it. Lenny may have been David’s best friend in life, but it’s unclear what role she’s playing now that she’s dead. She tries to warn him off Melanie and her crew—“That bitch’s secrets have secrets”—but it’s harder to take Lenny’s prognostications seriously when she then taunts David by turning into his sister, mocking his decision to stay and learn his powers before rushing off to rescue his sibling. She may have always been a bit of a devil on David’s shoulder, but now her devilry seems a bit more literal.

And Melanie’s got problems of her own. She gets caught in David’s dream, separated from the others, and then, while reading the story of the World’s Angriest Boy, gets her hand mangled …

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