TV Club: Member when the Member Berries stole the show on South Park?

I’ve talked a lot in these reviews about South Park‘s increased emphasis on long-form storytelling—the pros and cons of drawing out one large arc throughout a single season. But the conversation has tended to lean towards how the serialization has affected the show’s themes; its morality; its politics. Now that things aren’t so self-contained, the Big Idea isn’t completely clear (or even coherent) until the finale.

But it’s rare that we get to discuss the raw plot mechanics, and tonight’s episode, “Fort Collins,” feels like a good opportunity to do so. Like several of the installments this season, it finds the varying conflicts more or less in flux (though slowly continuing to dovetail) as they inch to the finish line. Mr. Garrison’s still trying to figure out how he can lose the election, Cartman experiences the downside of Troll Trace firsthand …

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