TV Club: Melissa McCarthy and Kanye West bring presence to a pleasant SNL

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie/TV/paranormal investigation] star!”

Melissa McCarthy probably should have been a cast member on Saturday Night Live at some point. Like fellow Groundling Kristen Wiig, she’s simply at home in sketch comedy, and her propensity for filling broad, brassy weirdos with vivid life would no doubt have created a Wiig-like stable of recurring characters large enough to fill up two “Best Of Melissa McCarthy” specials. In her monologue tonight, McCarthy appropriately struts around like she owns the place, even if her big musical number celebration of her entry in the vaunted Five-Timers Club is interrupted by Kenan Thompson (dutifully dressed up in a huge foam ‘5′ costume) breaking the news that she’s only actually hosted four times. (Apparently the 40th Anniversary Special counts as one-sixteenth of a hosting gig.) It’s a cute start, full of physical comedy—McCarthy …

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