TV Club: Melissa Leo returns for a morally ambiguous Wayward Pines

It’s been clear from the moment we learned about the man behind the curtain: Wayward Pines was David Pilcher’s dream. A vision of humanity surviving its own penchant for self-destruction, Pilcher’s grand experiment was to be a way for the human race to get through what he knew to be the coming dark ages. It was a singular vision, carrying out by those who believed in his dream. No wonder it all lent itself so easily to the narrative of a fairy tale. And no wonder that, like most fairy tales, adults soon came to realize it isn’t real.

The retreat of the Abies gives the characters a moment to catch their breath, but more importantly, it provides an opening for the series to reintroduce the most iconic character from season one: Melissa Leo’s Pam Pilcher, back for a guest episode that largely serves as …

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