TV Club: Megan Fox moves in to the loft already speaking New Girl’s language

The fifth season of New Girl is going pretty well, considering that it’s actually several seasons of several different shows. The thought occurred to me as hyper-competent, justifiably confident pharmaceutical sales rep Reagan (Megan Fox) made herself at home in Jessica Day’s bedroom: In its heart, voice, and bones, “Reagan” is the latest episode of New Girl. Goings-on in the loft (a lover’s spat between Schmidt and Cece; Nick’s pursuit of a new love interest) lead to loosely plotted hijinks in which the principals can bounce off of one another on their way to a satisfying conclusion. Schmidt and Cece reconcile in a heartwarming moment, Max Greenfield gets to dip into his character’s undiscriminating pop-culture diet (“When he has to process a lot of emotions, sometimes he likes to do Nick Cannon’s solo from Drumline”), Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris fire off some memorable …

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