TV Club: Meet the new New Girl again (for the first time)

Last week, New Girl demonstrated its continued ability to surprise. In its 100th episode, the show brought a new character into the fold, introducing Megan Fox as Reagan, the perceptive, pharmaceutical-slinging, bisexual lone wolf who’s moved into Jess’ room and stolen Nick’s heart. Fox’s comedic stylings fit New Girl like a hollowed-out hand (er, glove), but Reagan’s autonomous nature made her wary of her temporary roommates’ permanent chumminess. While compensating for an absent Zooey Deschanel, the show hit upon a new variation on one of its favorite themes, applying an outsider’s skepticism to the roommates’ intense bond.

If you watched “Reagan,” you know all of this already. But because New Girl can’t count on everyone in its audience seeing that episode—or, for those that did, remembering every detail of Reagan’s biography—it falls to “Wig” to reiterate some of these details. The …

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