TV Club: Masters Of Sex: “Through A Glass, Darkly”

This is a somewhat hollow-feeling episode insofar as there is some real emotional drama on the screen, but it doesn’t quite land. While the series’ third season has offered a few captivating hours, overall it’s hard to shake the feeling that Masters has lost some vigor. Even as the show nudges forward some of its stagnant storylines, it can’t inspire the same investment that it once did. Some essential ingredients of the early intrigue are missing in this third year, and Masters can’t figure out how to replace them.

Take Virginia’s story. In theory, her realization that Tessa knows about her private life should be a pivotal moment for her—especially since she hears it from Dan Logan and has to suffer his judgment, too. But Masters has never consistently given us a reason to care about Tessa, as she too often turns into a …

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