TV Club: Masters Of Sex: “Monkey Business”

Masters Of Sex leans on the cast’s performances to enliven its mostly decent, occasionally inspired scripts. Lizzy Caplan portrays Virginia’s ambition and ambivalence with so many shades of nuance that we can see the character grow even though her relationship with Bill tends toward stasis. Michael Sheen manages to reconcile the monstrousness and humanity of Bill Masters in one believable, sometimes sympathetic figure. And the show has a knack for casting guest stars like Allison Janney who bring sophistication and heart to their recurring roles. But once in a while, Masters Of Sex turns out a script that not even its actors can save, and “Monkey Business” is one of those episodes.

The inane title almost inspires hope at first: Surely the episode can’t be as bad as “Monkey Business” makes it sound. Yet it is about that bad, a listless hodgepodge of lightly considered subplots, as …

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