TV Club: Masters Of Sex: “Masters Of Gravity”

After a few serious missteps so far in season three, Masters Of Sex rights itself with “Masters Of Gravity.” The episode highlights everything that still makes the show so valuable, drawing on its rich backstories (Allison Janney and Beau Bridges; Masters’ parental history from “Fight”). It’s a truly great episode, and couldn’t have come soon enough.

Masters is a bit too wooden for us to believe he had that inspiring speech hanging out in his back pocket, jumping right into Newton’s theory of gravity. But it’s a nice analogy to the grooves of gravity juxtaposed against the twists of love, the thing that guides and makes possible many of these sexual acts: the “curvature of desire.” It flows back to Dan Logan (Josh Charles)’s story about the woman with the gin and the orchid, the unchartable, indescribable force that pulls certain people together, no matter …

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