TV Club: Masters Of Sex: “High Anxiety”

In a way, Bill and Virginia reverse roles for “High Anxiety,” and the shift in their power dynamic creates the most compelling tension of an episode with its share of taut character work. Typically, Virginia is the one making a heartfelt appeal to Bill’s humanity, leaving herself vulnerable as she states plain emotional truths in the hope that he’ll respond in kind. In “High Anxiety,” Bill is the frustrated supplicant, begging Virginia to reconnect with him and share her feelings. Virginia plays Bill’s part—she’s the one who dodges a forthright conversation by citing work concerns. The sex study serves as a perpetual excuse in Bill and Virginia’s relationship. It is always on hand in any argument, ready to be cited as the reason for (and solution to) their perpetual dissatisfaction.

Virginia says that she’s upset about Bill’s handling of the surrogacy program …

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