TV Club: MasterChef Junior: “The Class Of 2015”

Considering how the second season of MasterChef Junior lost its steam by the end—particularly with the egregious elimination of Adaiah and Abby in the semifinal—the swift start of season three is a welcome treat. Season two certainly had some special moments that hinted at the surprise success of the show’s first season, but the finale felt, well, kind of boring. Samuel and Logan were fine finalists, but not much more than fine. But here we are, so soon after that lackluster conclusion, with a chance for the show to bounce back.

And so, we begin again, with 19 of the country’s top tiny home cooks. The tiniest of them all is 8-year-old Riley, whose cuteness underscores the heart of the series. MasterChef Junior throws away the nastiness and trash that so often comes with reality competition programming and replaces it with adorable children. Ambitious, intense child …

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