TV Club: MasterChef Junior: “Raw Talent”

This week on MasterChef Junior, it’s all about the technical skills. First, the three winners of last week’s elimination round—Cory, Jenna, and Nathan—compete to find as many items as possible from a list of 20 advanced ingredients in the super-stocked MasterChef pantry in just two minutes. Cory mixes up ostrich eggs and quail eggs, and Jenna just narrowly edges out Nathan by finding nine of the correct items off the list. Between the amount of screentime she has been getting and her consistently strong performance in front of the judges, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Jenna is a frontrunner in the competition. But her status starts to crumble this week when her supposed advantage in the elimination round ends up hurting her.

Just as Jimmy did earlier this season, Jenna gets to pair off the remaining competitors for one of the most technically complex challenges …

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