TV Club: Master Of None goes after everyday sexism and doesn’t miss a beat

Anyone familiar with Aziz Ansari’s stand-up material will recognize a lot of the commentary in “Ladies And Gentlemen,” which looks at the sexism women face all the time. The episode relies on a lot of broad concepts, but it handles them with intelligence and nuance. And co-creators Ansari and Alan Yang understand that the message shouldn’t just come from themselves. Even though Ansari talks about a lot of the things that happen in this episode in his stand-up, on Master Of None, he steps back a bit. The teleplay comes from Sarah Peters and Zoe Jarman, and Lynn Shelton directs. Instead of it just being an episode about the horrors women face in their everyday lives as told by men, these women craft the story, lending to Master Of None‘s overall authenticity.

“Ladies And Gentlemen” takes concepts from Ansari’s stand-up and puts real faces, real emotions …

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