TV Club: Marvel’s Daredevil: “The Ones We Leave Behind”

Last year, Warner Bros. was in the news for an alleged “no jokes” mandate on all their DC superhero films, spawning a wave of debate on the value of humor in superhero narratives and Warner Bros.’ serious approach to its current slate of DC properties. (While the “no jokes” policy hasn’t been officially recognized, the first trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice certainly suggests that it is in place.) I believe that humor is essential in superhero stories, but I also believe that humor is essential in all stories. In my college theater classes, I was taught that humor wasn’t necessarily about telling jokes or making people laugh, but about showing the audience that the character you are creating finds pleasure in some aspect of life, which invites the audience to care about that person.

Humor provides contrast in overwhelmingly dark narratives, and in stories that …

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