TV Club: Marvel’s Daredevil: “Stick”

How did Matt Murdock go from blind orphan to high-flying, ass-kicking vigilante? Who taught him to fight if it wasn’t his father? The answer is right in the title of this episode, which introduces a key figure from Matt’s past as Stick (a perfectly cast Scott Glenn) arrives in present-day Hell’s Kitchen, returning after 20 years to seek the help of the newly christened “Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen” and incorporate more of Frank Miller’s Daredevil comics mythology into the TV series.

A huge portion of Matt’s life on the page has been spent fighting The Hand, a mystical order of ninjas, and while that name is never specifically mentioned in this episode, it certainly looks like the show is setting the stage for The Hand as a future threat. When it comes to Miller mythology, though, this episode is more concerned with showing young …

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