TV Club: Marvel’s Daredevil: “Speak Of The Devil”

At the end of yesterday’s review, I pointed out how Wilson Fisk is transitioning into a supervillain role in this series, one of the many ways Daredevil becomes more of a superhero narrative in the back half of its first season. Up until “Stick,” the series is firmly rooted in the crime genre, and the appearances of the masked vigilante are more in line with the typical plain-clothes action hero rather than the costumed crusaders that populate the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That begins to change when Stick arrives, bringing with him more fantastic elements like a deeper exploration of Matt’s extraordinary gifts and a superpowered child weapon that puts all of New York City at risk.

With the opening sequence of “Speak Of The Devil,” the series takes a strong step away from hard-boiled crime noir as it pits Matt against a ninja in red, a visual that …

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