TV Club: Marvel’s Daredevil: “Rabbit In A Snowstorm”

The violence on Daredevil is very effective at showing how dangerous the world of Hell’s Kitchen is, but it’s very easy to see how it can be a turn-off for some viewers. In the first two episodes, the violence was in service of Matt Murdock’s character, with each new action sequence increasing in intensity to show how Matt loses himself in battle and becomes possessed by something frightening, yet captivating. There were lots of crunching sounds in those fights and the choreography delivered some especially hard-hitting visuals, but they never got particularly graphic. Nowhere on par with the violence in “Rabbit In A Snowstorm,” which shows a man’s bone break through his flesh before he gets his head crush with a bowling ball, and another man committing suicide by impaling himself through the eye with a metal fence spike.

The violence isn’t necessarily gratuitous. The …

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