TV Club: Marvel’s Daredevil: “Nelson V. Murdock”

Foggy Nelson now knows that Matt Murdock is the masked vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen, and as expected, this revelation has a huge impact on their relationship. The two have been best friends since freshman year of undergrad, but their bond quickly crumbles when Foggy realizes that Matt has been lying to him for years, leaving the future of Nelson & Murdock in question. “Nelson V. Murdock” is the most important episode of Daredevil‘s first season, but not just because it features some very big plot developments. Its importance comes from a focus on character relationships and tonal variety, cutting to flashbacks that deepen Foggy and Matt’s friendship while introducing levity and positivity to a narrative that can be overwhelmingly dark at times.

Foggy Nelson is a character that doesn’t belong in Matt’s grim and gritty world. He’s cheerful and fun and isn’t plagued …

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