TV Club: Marvel’s Daredevil: “In The Blood”

After the brief introduction to Wilson Fisk at the end of last episode, “In The Blood” dives deeper into the character through his blossoming relationship with art dealer Vanessa Marianna. Wilson’s plot in this chapter revolves around his first date with Vanessa, beginning with him awkwardly asking her to join him for dinner, and ending with him punishing one of his associates for interrupting his enchanted evening, revealing different sides of the character that quickly set him apart from the majority of the MCU’s villains. The bad guys in Marvel films tend to be woefully underdeveloped—the main exception being Loki, who has become the MCU’s most popular antagonist because of the work done fleshing out his emotions and motivations—but Wilson Fisk’s characterization is a big step forward that should be used as an example for future Marvel projects.

As I mentioned in my review …

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