TV Club: Marvel’s Daredevil: “Condemned”

So far, every episode of Daredevil has had a gritty fight sequence as its centerpiece, and while “Condemned” by no means skimps on the action, its most grueling battle is one fought with words, not fists. After being cornered by a squad of police officers—most of whom are in Wilson Fisk’s pocket—Matt Murdock holes up in a derelict building with a wounded Vladimir, doing everything he can to keep him alive and get information that will bring him closer to Fisk.

To Matt’s surprise, he encounters the criminal overlord sooner than he thinks via Vladimir’s walkie-talkie. “You’ve been asking about me,” Fisk’s voice softly crackles through the speaker. “I thought it was time we spoke.” Having—let’s just call him this even if the show isn’t—The Kingpin and Daredevil interact for the first time over the radio is an unexpected …

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