TV Club: Marvel’s Agent Carter: “Time And Tide”

As a double agent, Peggy Carter has to protect herself against two different opponents. On one side is Leviathan, the mysterious organization that is somehow tied to the theft of Howard Stark’s inventions, and on the other is the Strategic Scientific Reserve, Peggy’s employer. She’s forced to deceive her colleagues at the S.S.R. as she works to uncover the mysteries of Leviathan and clear Howard’s name, and “Time And Tide” focuses on the growing tension between Peggy and the men she works with to create a more hostile work environment for the heroine.

The discovery of a license plate belonging to one of Howard’s vehicles in the Roxxon wreckage puts him back in the S.S.R.’s crosshairs at the start of the episode, and by the end, Peggy’s boss has a personal investment in taking down her war buddy. The …

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