TV Club: Marvel’s Agent Carter: “The Blitzkrieg Button”

It’s the end of episode four, and we’ve learned a key piece of information: Stan Lee would like the sports section, if you don’t mind.

Cameo from Marvel’s good-luck charm aside, this episode squeezed a tiny bit of everything in. And while it was overall a solid hour, the show felt a little choppy, as though in trying to cover all the bases it spread itself a bit thin. It’s tough to sustain momentum when you come out of the gate as strongly as it has, and the lack of much derring-do from Peggy was felt. Still, this was a fun installment; even without a major action set piece, Agent Carter is delivering the goods.

This week sees the return of Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark, and the actor quickly proves why he’s back so soon. Peggy and Howard are best when they’re …

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