TV Club: Marry Me: “Test Me”

There have been few times in Marry Me‘s short run where the script belabors a mediocre joke that actually pays off. (“Thank Me’s” human cheese joke immediately comes to mind.) It was a pleasant surprise when after an episode full of Dr. What’s-His-Name jokes that the punchline was worth it. Twice. Once involving a clown doctor, no less. “Test Me” drew out some of the same problems that have plagued the show since its beginning, but it also felt more assured than the average episode, changing the regular plot structure and working through the characters strengths. It’s a positive step for a show that has been lackluster since its promising debut.

Written by Erica Rivinoja, a veteran of such diverse writers rooms as Clone High, South Park and Up All Night, “Test Me” continued to keep Marry Me’s stakes as low as humanly possible. While …

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