TV Club: Marry Me: “Spoil Me”

“Spoil Me” is what I wanted Marry Me to be from the beginning: Larger relationship truths told through the skewed lens of creator David Caspe. “Spoil Me” wasn’t executed entirely perfectly, but the larger theme at work gave “Spoil Me” a backbone to build on. The episode’s trio of writers, Jordan Cahan, Matthew Libman and Daniel Libman, each have episodes of Marry Me under their belts. But they’re also veterans of Happy Endings writers room, a show that succeeded at episodes that didn’t seem to have a larger theme, but in fact were about relationships, romantic or otherwise. One of Marry Me‘s problems is that it has felt shapeless. Why are these people doing what they’re doing? What is their reason for existing in the same sphere? But “Spoil Me” made sense. It gave Jake and Annie a concrete reason to act the way …

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