TV Club: Marry Me: Friend Me

I didn’t laugh that much during “Friend Me.” But it continued doing something I think is beneficial for its growth as a sitcom: It reminded the audience that, hey, these people are actually getting married, and their purpose for hanging out together goes beyond getting each other into wacky, health-based pyramid schemes, much like “Spoil Me.” It even expanded Marry Me‘s world. Libby (Crista Flanagan) shows up once more, without her seemingly nameless husband, to convince Dennah and Gil to keep selling their weight loss shake pyramid scheme.

In the case of “Friend Me,” Marry Me looks at the phenomenon of male friendship in the face of commitment. There has been a wealth of shows, especially recently that have illustrated the bonds of female togetherness; even a show so based in the deliciously absurd as Broad City can illustrate the lasting power of female friendship. But few delve …

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