TV Club: Married: “The Sandwich”

The themes of Married echo right in its theme. That rolling, plinking musical refrain bookends nearly every scene of the show—puckish and tired at the same time. It threads its way through the Bowmans’ weekly adventures, its steady, sleepy cadence marching each sequence along like Lina and Russ’ days—always threatening to break into something wackier, but never actually doing it.

An episode of Married is constructed like a traditional sitcom about a married couple, but veers away from the expected payoff every time. Tonight, we first see Russ and Lina expressing various types and levels of boredom and dissatisfaction. They each take separate paths on a night out that give them glimpses of the things they think they’re missing. Then they get disillusioned by the reality involved in those fantasies and end up back in their kitchen, realizing that what they’ve got isn’t as irksome …

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