TV Club: Married: “Pimps”

The three Bowman daughters are employed sparingly on Married, their intermittent appearances in Russ and Lina’s ongoing story serving to emphasize how overmatched the couple feels playing at being adults. As self-involved as Russ and Lina can be (and they can be) in their own dissatisfaction, the reality of three essentially defenseless little humans in their lives both reinforces the necessity of keeping up the pretense that they know what they’re doing, and leads to some pretty desperate measures to ensure that they’re not found out. “Pimps” sees Married attempting, as ever, to come at some typical sitcom situations from unique angles, as Russ and Lina both try to give their daughters a happy beachside vacation. That they both force a young female (over whom they have authority) into uncomfortable situations to get what they want makes the episode’s glib title unnervingly appropriate.

For Lina, pimping …

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