TV Club: Married: “Murder!”

“Murder!” starts with a full moon, scary music, and even a lone wolf howling as Russ and Lina are startled from bed (and their argument about whose job is worse) by an unexpected noise. Those heavy horror music cues—and some genuinely effective jump scares and reveals courtesy of episode director Jamie Babbit—persist throughout, as Russ and Lina gradually almost convince themselves (and A.J. and Bernie) that the creepy guy living in their guest house is a murderer.

Martin Star

Naturally, he’s not—Married really doesn’t admit such dramatic developments in its cosmology—which explains why “Murder!” isn’t an especially successful episode of Married. Without the real possibility of danger from the unpleasant Judah, Russ and Lina’s actions here come off as both broad and dull—like typical sitcom behavior.

Nat Faxon, Martin Starr

Not that Judah’s not a jerk. Played by master …

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