TV Club: Married: “Guardians”

When Russ and Lina are almost creamed by a truck on their way out to see the band Shep is managing, their thoughts turn to who gets their kids if they die. Amped up further by the symbolic fact that the girls were home alone for the first time without a babysitter, Lina makes a spreadsheet listing the pros and cons of everyone they know, her separate column for comments dismissing their small talent pool as: “Too bitchy, too crazy, too broke, too sleazy, too in jail.” While we haven’t been introduced to their “too in jail” friend, and there’s a lot of overlap amongst the other categories and the likes of A.J., Abby, and Bernie, clearly the one friend disqualified by the most checkboxes is Jess. “Guardians” marks Jenny Slate’s return to Married, and most likely her final departure as well, and, tonight, Jess’ exit …

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