TV Club: Married asks if getting your act together means shedding those who haven’t

A continuing theme of Married‘s second season has been growing up. That might seem like a late game realization for two people in their 40s, but Russ and Lina were introduced as two people who’d put off growing up for as long as humanly possible. Even the inescapable daily reminders of their adulthood—bills, landlords, jobs, three children—were treated with wisecracking detachment, a two-handed comedy routine wryly mocking the idea that they were supposed to act like responsible adults all the time.

But by the time we met Russ and Lina, the jokes had started getting tired and desperate, the pressures of now and the regrets of the past combining to take the team out of their comedy team, and leaving them looking across the bed at someone who’d come to represent every missed opportunity and fading dream. This season, Married has done something paradoxically risky …

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