TV Club: Married: “1997”

A theme of Married‘s second season has been how the Bowmans’ marital problems have gotten less urgent as the family has become more financially secure. That makes sense, I suppose—with Russ having a real job (successful enough that his frequent absence from home has become an issue), and Lina having what she considers half a real job as a full-time teachers’ assistant—the couple’s sweaty desperation about money has shifted into other arenas. Russ, for all his growing success as a professional designer, still looks back ruefully to the fun, irresponsible guy he imagines he once was. And Lina, more relaxed now that she doesn’t have to be the only one seemingly worried about the family having a roof over their heads, is still beset with disappointments over what she thought her life would be.

Another major change this season is that Russ and Lina are …

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