TV Club: Man Seeking Woman: “Teacup”

With the penultimate episode of its first season, Man Seeking Woman abruptly shifts perspective and in doing so, delivers its best installment yet. In the opening scene, Josh wonders aloud to Mike what dating is like for women, how easy it must be. We cut to a clinically polite goodbye between the now broken up Leo and Liz and a familiar downpour, complete with hail and dive-bombing birds, hands the narrative off to Liz. “Teacup” fits easily within the world of the series and it’s great to see Simon Rich already start changing up the series’ point of view, if not format, within the first season. The fantastical sequences remain, but switching protagonists gives Woman Seeking Man a distinctly different tone and subtext, a welcome change of pace for the series. Josh, the 27 year-old sadsack temp, wading into the murky waters of the dating world is a very …

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