TV Club: Man Seeking Woman preaches the gospel of Josh

Much of television, sitcoms in particular, relies on maintaining the status quo. Once a show’s premise has been established it may morph somewhat, but significant change is anathema to the comfortable feeling of following the somewhat predictable exploits of a recognizable set of characters. Man Seeking Woman follows Josh Greenberg as he navigates the dating world, an underachieving single guy in over his head. If he finds himself in a significant, long-term relationship or suddenly becomes more conventionally desirable—by becoming a successful video game designer, for example—Josh’s unlucky in love narrative no longer works and Man Seeking Woman becomes a very different show. However without any growth from Josh, or sense that he’s learning from his journey, the series threatens to stagnate. “Card” addresses this concern nicely, moving Josh forward at work and showing his first baby steps toward maturity.

Focusing on Josh’s career …

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