TV Club: Man Seeking Woman: “Pitbull”

Man Seeking Woman‘s heightened universe and format, featuring only a few, longer set pieces each episode, is a high risk, high reward gamble. When a sequence works, it’s spectacular (for example, the fantastic text summit in “Traib”). When it doesn’t, the episode sputters to a halt. After two episodes of mostly successful conceptual fantasy, “Pitbull” is the show’s first significant misstep, going for disappointingly literal sequences and abandoning the emotional truth that underpins the series’ best moments.

“Pitbull” opens with the episode’s most successful sequence, Josh being interrupted from a planned intimate moment with himself by his right hand, voiced by Sarah Silverman, who just isn’t feeling it anymore. Silverman is great in this brief spot and with the kind of month Josh has been having, it’s not surprising even his hand is ready to leave him. The design of the hand’s …

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