TV Club: Man Seeking Woman: “Branzino”

After the entertaining and eventually joyful “Stain,” the latest entry from Man Seeking Woman is disappointing, failing to capitalize on the energy of the previous episode’s closing scene. In “Branzino,” Josh casts a wide net looking for a new relationship and eventually settles for Rachel, who while not his first choice, at least lives in-state. Josh is determined to make the relationship work, casting aside first his personality and preferences, then Mike, and finally, half his body in an attempt to prove to himself and anyone watching that he and Rachel are soul mates. From the first scene, it’s clear things won’t work out, but Josh goes through the motions anyways and while the episode has a few chuckles and features several strong performances, there’s little here that’s particularly memorable.

“Branzino” opens with Josh reading rejection letter after rejection letter from women to whom he …

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