TV Club: Making History hangs out in the present for an awkward “Boyfriend Experience”

Making History is in a tough spot. Time travel has suddenly become a phenomenon: Timeless, Legends of Tomorrow, Frequency, Travelers, 11.22.63, Time After Time, and Outlander have all tackled the repercussions of jaunting through time and space. One assumes, then, that it taps into something in the cultural unconscious. Since time travel is a genre of urgency and regret—wanting to go back and erase serious mistakes while being terrified to do even more harm in the face of new unknowns—perhaps the current number of them isn’t so much of a surprise.

But Making History is up against more than just that; though it takes several cues from the Bill and Ted approach (from dropping modern references in the past to closing space-time loopholes they made themselves), it’s been so broad that the early episodes were competing not so much with other time travel shows …

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