TV Club: Making A Murderer: the bruising conclusion

Sigh. (Spoilers ahead through the end of the series.)

I inadvertently “spoiled” Making A Murderer for myself after just the first two episodes, trying to fact-check a name and learning that both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey had been convicted and were still in jail. That was probably better for my overall mental health, as I would’ve kept up hope until the end of the series that one or both men would’ve had their convictions overturned.

I can see why a jury might have convicted Steven Avery in spite of the lack of motive and even with the shady evidence. (Not saying I would have voted to convict based on what I saw—just that I understand where it comes from.) His blood is in her car, her body is on his property. People have been convicted for a lot less.

Do I believe he should have been …

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