TV Club: Making A Murderer gets fishier in episodes 5 and 6

I know I’m not on the jury, and I know I’m not hearing the whole story, and I know I’m being manipulated by the filmmakers at least a little bit, but after episodes five and six of Making A Murderer, I’m feeling some pretty damn strong reasonable doubt. At this point, even if Steven Avery did kill Teresa Halbach, the investigation feels so screwy and tainted that it ought to be hard to convict him. Then again, this is the same system that put him away the first time… and the same cops.

The crazy bombshell for me came at the end of episode five, when the recording of Sergeant Colborn calling in Halbach’s license plate was played. The show clearly knew this was a massive moment, but it was underplayed in a lot of ways—perhaps to show how the defense was a bit …

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