TV Club: Maeve goes through the looking glass on a strong Westworld

The nudity on Westworld is beginning to make me uncomfortable. Thandie Newton spends a few scenes in tonight’s episode in the altogether, and I kept wondering how the actress felt, being naked for so long. I understand the intent behind it; by having the machines nude when the tech people work on them, the show is making sure we understand the power relationship between the two groups, which helps to reinforce the sense of building conflict. The humans do their best to “dehumanize” the robots, but it’s an effort that can never be entirely successful—when you have to keep reminding yourself that you’re working on an object, not a person, the battle is already half lost.

So there’s tension that Newton and other actor’s bare asses (and other bits) helps to encourage. And yet knowing HBO’s history with on-screen nudity puts us as …

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