TV Club: Mad Men: “Time & Life”

Pete Campbell is incensed to hear that young Tammy hasn’t been admitted to the Greenwich Country Day School. “What was she doing on the wait list at all? My father’s entire family went to that school,” he fumes. Pete places stock in his family name, and he trades on that stock accordingly. When he tells the Greenwich Country headmaster that “it’s a Campbell family tradition” to attend the institution, he expects this reminder will be enough. The Campbell name is worth that much, he reckons.

Yet the headmaster places a different value on Pete’s ancestral imprimatur. He brings up Tammy’s poor performance on the “draw a man” test, a thinly veiled suggestion that Pete’s absence leaves his daughter without a compelling male role model. Without that fatherly connection, she’s a Campbell in name only. Oh, and about that name. It sweeps Pete and …

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