TV Club: Mad Men: “Person To Person”

In “Severance,” the first episode of Mad Men‘s final half-season, Ted Chaough pitches a line to Don: “There are three women in every man’s life.” In tonight’s finale, Don places phone calls to three women, and each call provides Don an essential glimpse of the life he left behind.

First, Don talks to Sally, who’s not interested in hearing her father’s latest tales from out west. While he’s a picture of velocity, spending his days gripping the wheel of a Chevy to see how fast he can speed off into the desert horizon, Sally looks burdened and inanimate. She slumps against the wall with tired eyes as she informs Don of Betty’s prognosis. He pledges that he’ll be there to help, the same way he intended to swoop in and rescue Anna Draper when she came down with cancer. “You’re all …

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