TV Club: Mad Men: “New Business”

For an episode called “New Business,” tonight’s Mad Men sure brought back a lot of Don Draper’s old companions. His first wife, Betty. His latest predilection, Diana. His now-ex-wife, Megan. And Sylvia Rosen, who used to leave a penny under her doormat to let Don know when her husband was gone. Each of these four women holds a different charge for Don, yet a key exchange in “New Business” comes between Don and Henry Francis. Gulping down his milkshake as Henry gets back from dinner, Bobby asks his father to “make Henry one.” Don pats the kid on the head. “You give him a sip of yours,” Don says. Henry replies, “Maybe I’ll make my own.”

After Henry says this, Don looks back into the kitchen and sees a nuclear family that theoretically could have included him. Henry’s back is turned, and his hair looks slick …

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