TV Club: Mad Men: “Lost Horizon”

If you’re Roger Sterling, one good way to gauge how you should feel about a new development is to see what Harry Crane thinks about it, and then take the opposite view. Harry is delighted with Sterling Cooper & Partners’ absorption into McCann-Erickson. He watches with little remorse as his mainframe is wheeled away, marveling to Roger that McCann has a phalanx of number crunchers who exist only to gather and interpret data. Who needs a machine? Now Harry has a machine made of people.

Maybe they can keep track of his Harry’s hat size, Roger quips, because “it’s still growing.” Harry dismisses this crack with a question. Standing amid the abandoned remnants of the SC&P office, he asks Roger, “Why are you still here?” The question cuts more deeply than the immediate context would imply, which is to say it cuts just the way Harry intends …

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