TV Club: Luke Cage tries to right itself, return to theme

The first thing any of us knew about Luke Cage was that he was a bulletproof black man. His impenetrable skin was supposed to be a fierce rebuttal to police brutality, or, at the very least, a hope that a black person could walk down the street in a hoodie and not be afraid. To Luke, his abilities were a burden, an annoyance that drew unwanted attention to a man who would prefer a quiet uninterrupted life surrounded by a few loved ones. A black community was a refuge where Luke could be invisible and authentic. Several denizens of Harlem tried to convince him to be a hero for hire. Besides being a reference to the comic where Luke first appeared, the public was asking Luke to step up and be a symbol that they wanted and needed. He balked at acting as a vigilante to save the community and …

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