TV Club: Luke Cage finale is more a recap than a conclusion

Luke Cage was building toward something, right? The wise words of Pop, Cottonmouth’s musical ability, Diamondback’s pursuit of revenge—all of those things meant something, right? Even though Luke was a reluctant hero, there still was a final boss to defeat before returning to normalcy, awaiting his next challenge, right? There was an ultimate lesson hidden among all the superfluous pop culture references and battles. Please, reassure me, because the season finale of Luke Cage felt more like a recap of all the events of the season wrapped in a giant corny bow rather than a satisfying conclusion. Diamondback was an over-the-top villain who would be perfectly at home in a more stylized version of Luke Cage but he never quite clicked as the Final Boss that Luke had to defeat to conclude the narrative action of the season.

Mariah invokes “The Battle for the Soul of Harlem …

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